The results speak for themselves! Quite simply, the transformation is working and you have ANOTHER true believer! They did a MAGNIFICENT job in showing how to transition from contingency to retained. It is the best way to work. Efficient; Less time and more money! Your insights have been invaluable!

Herbert Hess (Student Fall 2014 RTS)

If, like me, you have ever thought what it would be like to win the lottery, you no longer need to dream. What they have taught me, is generating more revenue than a lottery win. My firm has literally Quadrupled in revenue over night, I now work less hours and more importantly I am having fun. I feel like I am really living. They are the real deal, sincere and they have changed my life.
Liam Bradley (Student Fall 2014 RTS)

Wow – where do I start?” The RTS has helped our company gain a consistent direction to our business. It has given us a clear no – nonsense path to our daily, weekly and monthly recruiting focus. When you change the quality of search assignments you work on, you change your entire business. It’s a methodology that works. Forget what you lealrned in the past, this just works….

Steve Lepatner Managing Director/CEO 714-368-7770 Santa Ana, CA


Is this the premier Recruiting training system in America? I think SO!!! We have almost done our last years revenue in the first quarter alone. Our newbies are coming up to speed immediately and we are not wasting time on bad searches! We will never go back ! Thank you!

Michael Soulek President FoodPro Recruiters San Antonia,Texas


The impact you have left on DAV is immeasurable and any amout of “Thank Yous” wouldnt be enough to tell you how grateful we are for sharing the Recruiting transfoirmation system with us in South Africa.

Tanja Koch President DAV – South Africa


I would highly recommend the Recruiting Transformation System for any Owner/Manager who is looking to build their business quickly, increase revenue and make positive and long lasting improvements to their professional and personal lives.

Patricia M. . Conlin President Global Consulting Group Inc. Toronto, Ontario


I have been in the recruiting business for a long time running a top office. This Recruiting Transformation System is the breath of fresh air I needed to keep me excited about this business and in the right direction where we want to be. Don’t just listen and take notes – implement it! Stop making this business harder than it has to be.

Doug Miller / President
Strategic Sales Search Camp Hill, PA


I took away A LOT of info from them and will be applying many of his concepts to our firm. Best speaker we have had in a LONG while.

Sara Haese, Inter-City Personnel Associates


As a person charged with running a strategic training organization that is closely aligned with business operations, I can tell you that Neil has a unique way of balancing operations and talent with the strategic goals of any company. I’ve worked with him for several years and was constantly inspired by his motivational presentations, entertained by his approach and amazed at how connected he was to people at all levels. He has the ability to present clearly defined goals, motivate individuals towards those goals, with the right mix of execution, accountability and performance.

Rich Thompson

Chief Human Resources Officer at Adecco Group North America


I wanted to really thank you for the keynote and workshops you conducted for us last week. The feedback was very positive from the team, and we feel that between the information you provided and the material covered in the workshop that it really created a couple aha moments for a few of the staff. Thanks!

Denis Lane

Director of Operations, Arrow Professionals


Probably the most relevant subject matter and the most easily and quickly implemented session I have attended at NAPS…lots of important info often overlooked in the the process!!!!” “Outstanding presentation, energetic, emotional, realistic, many great examples.” “Great info…information that I will be able to use immediately in my business.” “This was once the best presentations I’ve attended” “Direct and straight to the point…great stuff!


Neil’s 1 on 1 coaching and mentoring program was excellent.

We are in the process of expanding from a predominantly direct hire firm into contract staffing and Neil’s sessions created and immediate blue print for us to utilize with our team of recruiters. I purchased a full multi session package and, without a doubt, got my bang for the buck out of each of them! Neil’s sessions were each tailored to my SPECIFIC needs and objectives and he went beyond the call of duty in terms of providing me with anything I asked for (forms, spreadsheets, etc). If you are looking for someone to coach you or your team, then look no further than Neil. I will be signing up for more sessions!

Chris Fackler

President and Practice Leader, Chris@RingsideSearch.com


Your sessions were great! I had a number of recruiters come up to me afterward and tell me how much the liked your material, your delivery, your openness to share, and your sincerity. It was an A+. I have received emails telling me the same also. Again, thanks so much for sharing your expertise with our group, you did a wonderful job.

Mark and Grace Demaree

Top Echelon


I already knew of Neil’s excellent reputation as Country Head (USA) of the Adecco Group prior to reporting to him when he became Global President of Finance.

Neil is an excellent, charismatic communicator and presenter. His energetic, practical and humorous delivery of training always galvanised and motivated his audiences. He combines in-depth knowledge of the recruitment industry with an ability to inspire people to action and transform their results.

Neil is also a charismatic person who is an excellent leader for any business but is also immensely practical. He combines in-depth knowledge of the recruitment industry with his accountants head for figures.

I had 17 years recruitment experience prior to reporting to Neil and still managed to learn a great deal from him on a day to day basis and in his training seminars. He has a rational, direct approach that achieved business goals whilst maintaining his sense of humour.

I not only enjoyed your conference in Milwaukee this spring, but I billed 71k within thirty days after attending the two days session. I attribute a great deal of that to your positive message and information packed presentation.

Philip Marks

Recruitment: Business Advisor | Recruitment Owner Mentor | NED | Business Growth | Business Planning | Consultant


I have begun implementing the ideas and processes that you suggested implementing and I can’t begin to tell you the dramatic difference I see already! I have seen many talented and successful Trainers speak, but they don’t hold a candle to you. You are very talented and very good at what you do. The results are amazing! I just wanted to say….THANK YOU! You are truly awesome!

Mario DeCarolis , West Bay Group



First and foremost, Neil is an amazingly talented speaker and motivator for any venue, Period! I am responsible for working with the top trainers in our industry and finding the best for our annual conferences. We hired Neil on a trial basis 5 years ago, after seeing his great online content and hearing amazing things. Neill’s breakout sessions were so successful and so highly rated, that we offered him one of our coveted keynote slots for the next year. Suffice to say, his session to 450 attendees was a huge hit, and once again, one of our highest rated sessions. We have since brought Neil back every year and he continues to wow our audiences and help make our events the best they can be. I highly recommend Neil for ANY speaking engagement-whether a conference, a company’s annual meetings, private boot camps and more. He speaks on any topic we ask-From outside sales to recruiting to management issues. Neil is a great find!

Julie Price-Shehan

Program Development/Member Relations/TechServe Alliance


I first met Neil at the ASA Las Vegas show 2012. One of our goals was to find a trainer and a training program that would fit with our needs as a growing company. For years we tried to train recruiting and sales candidates from the staffing industry and found we just didn’t cover everything needed for those new candidates to be successful. Than we opened up a dialog with Neil around building a team and improving their chances in staffing industry today. Neil’s webinars and online training material started us off with a level of constancy for both new and seasoned team members. Our best return on investment with Neil was with him in person for two days to week of training with our staff. Not only did our employees accomplish a refresher in skills valuable in todays market, but our manager s and partners found a great resource of information. Neil’s training was accompanied with a understanding and strategy for building and directing our team and company for tomorrow. Money well spent, valuable trainer, coach and mentor to all of our staff including the partners.

David Connor

VP at GCR Professional Services and Owner


I was an audience participant at the TechServe Alliance conference in PHX, AZ. Neil was the top keynote speaker, very inspiring and someone I felt would bring value to our employees. Neil was keynote for our 180 person 2012 kickoff. People were engaged, Neil connected with the content, his personality and humor, our employees could relate to his message. We also had Neil do breakout sessions on time mgmt and negotiations. We’ve had very positive feedback and I highly recommend Neil Lebovits.

David MacKeen

Chief Executive Officer at Eliassen Group


There is a TON of good of training material and Trainers in the Staffing Industry; however, The Xtreme Boot Camp and training sets the bar for other training companies to follow. The content and techniques from the Neil/Tim combo is forward-thinking, fresh and delivered with energy and passion that you will only find with these guys. The knowledge base from Neil is also incredible! I don’t know where else you can learn from former, top, global-Executives that are also career-long staffing professionals. The Boot Camp was inspiring (exactly what I needed as a veteran), motivating, and the training will be used to train all my new-hires and refresh all my industry veterans

Steven Weincouff

Founder & Owner, Midwest Financial Staffing & Executive Search


When an organization enlists the help of a “Trainer” or industry Subject Matter Expert one of two things will happen: upon conclusion of the session there will be utterances of wasted time and money among internal employees OR you will actually learn something. With Neil Lebovits you undeniably get the latter. Neil posses an uncanny ability to apply industry best practices to real time situations. If you are able take just one aspect of a training session and apply it to your every day routine then it is considered a success. Well, after Neil’s training session your team/organization will have dozens of principles that can and should be applied! I would recommend Neil’s services if and only if you want to experience unparalleled levels of success!

Lee Guidetti, CSP, TSC

Talent Acquisition|Executive Recruiting|Strategic Staffing Initiatives|Lowes Companies, Inc.


There are a billion choices to pick from in recruiter’s further development. However, it’s been a fabulous journey we have gone so far with Neil and his courses are a prime inspiration in founding www.WotcherWorld.com. It’s been so exciting and straight to the point that the only thing I can say is if you really want to get your desk fly, you DO need to experience Neil delivering his expertise in his dynamic way! I personally will continue in this dynamic cooperation.

Lubos Hric

Director at Wotcher Limited


Neil is an exceptional sales and recruiting trainer who has an innate ability to connect and positively influence those around him. Neil’s energy, professionalism, and wealth of knowledge in developing a business has improved my individual performance.

Matt Donato

Vice President, Staffing & Search Executive


I was in the audience last week when you spoke in Milwaukee. I learned more in that day than I have learned over the last three years. Thank you!

Julie Lucey

Nationwide Search Group


I have known Neil for over 10 years and have participated in several of his training sessions. Neil is one of the most captavating speakers I have ever heard. He uses a mix of his passion for the business, with his sharp wit and sense of humor. He is able to grab your attention and keep it through-out the whole training session. Recently, he has been instrumental to me in his social media training sessions; where I (and others) have been able to implement his training lesson and get IMMEDIATE results. I highly recommend Neil. A staffing industry GIANT!

Paul Smith

Director of Finance and Accounting at Steven Douglas Associates



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